Adding CEP robes and pc parts to an existing module

I’ve been playing Obsidian Legend and I created a pretty cool armor with Customize Character Override.
Now I want to play Darkness over Daggerford with this armor I made but it won’t show up. I added the CEP haks to DoD via Toolset but I can’t figure out the load order. To make my armor show up the custom portrait of the campaign vanishes and the NPC armor get different. If I make them appear my armor doesn’t show up.

What can I do? Can I extract the robe and pc parts from the CEP hak and put in the override? I extracted some MDL files from CEP core 3 and put in the override folder but it didn’t work. I really don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just fiddling and googleing what to do.


An armor can consist of up to 19 parts. Each part consists of two files, a model file (.mdl) and a texture file (.plt). So to make your armor to show up in DoD you would have to make all these files available to DoD (by putting them in a hak file used by DoD or in the override folder).

The .mdl/.plt files look like pGRP_PARTNNN.EXT where

G: gender: f or m
R: racial type: h for human/halfelf, e for elf, g for gnome, o for half-orc, a for halfling, d for dwarf
P: phenotype: 0 for normal, 2 for large
PART: armor part: chest, pelvis, belt, neck, bicepr, bicepl,…
NNN: model number
EXT: extension: mdl, plt

The CCOH will give you the model numbers and it would be up to you to find the corresponding files in the CEP hak files and extract them.

For the CCOH to work properly with these armor parts you would also have to add these model numbers to corresponding 2da files (parts_PART.2da with PART=belt, bicep, chest, …).

Never done this but it should work… I think :D.

The game reads the weaves of the armor and the body on the human file, so if you want to make a part of the body for a dwarf, the model will be named pmd0 / pfd0 ---------. mdl but the texture plt must be pmh0 / pfh0 ---------. plt

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I saw the CCOH files in the override and they are all robes with model numbers from 238 to 249. I’ve found files with your description in the CEP core 3 and 7 but the model numbers don’t go that high. The CCOH hak doesn’t contain any .mdl or .plt files. What should I do now?


The model no is the number you see when modifying your armor with CCOH. For example when you modify the robe you’ll see something like ‘Currently viewing: robe (xy)’. That xy is the model number. and it’s actually a row in a file ‘parts_robe.2da’ (the file describes the valid robe model no and it’s the file the CCOH reads for determing the valid robe model numbers).

So if for example you char is a normal elf female wearing robe(202) you have to look for a file pfe0_robe202.mdl and pfh0_robe202.plt:

cep2:core7.hak contains both pfe0_robe202.mdl and pfh0_robe202.mdl.

202 seems to be the highest CEP robe model no. If your char wears a robe with a higher no then perhaps it’s not a CEP robe? Nevertheless its mdl/plt files have to be somewhere. The nwnexplorer is great tool for searching for resource files.