Adding custom AC

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I’m trying to create armors with a high quality (so PHB, reduce 1 penalty armor).
Does anyone know if it is possible to do only with scripts?
Other possibility, should it be associate the same models to diferent armors?

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I’m trying to create armors with a high quality

The question is, can the quality increased by itemproperties or is there more?? Probably there is be more …

Creating an armour with a basearmorclass of 10 or reduce the spellcastpenalty without applying an itemproperty can’t be done with scripting (imo).

But I cannot find item properties to reduce “Armor Check Penalty”

Masterwork Armor
Just as with weapons, you can purchase or craft masterwork versions of armor or shields. Such a well-made item functions like the normal version, except that its armor check penalty is lessened by 1.

But I cannot find item properties to reduce “Armor Check Penalty”

I think there are different penalties. The penalty for spell casting is here. (Quite expensive …)

There is an armour penalty on the “set trap skill” as well, but I don’t know if it can be reduced.

Ok, thanks. I was trying to reduce armor check penalty, not arcane spell failure.

It seems that it isn’t possible to add new armors (2da) with the same models :frowning:


You can. Choose an unused line of parts_chest.2da. Copy the existing model to a new model named for that line (remembering to change all the internal references).

However, all that lets you do is have two armours identical apart from the AC. I guess you could reduce the AC by 1 and give an AC bonus of +1.

My understanding is that the Armour Check Penalty is taken from armor.2da, so you can change the rule for the entire game, but not for individual items.

Others may know more.

Thank you, @Proleric
When I said “with the same models”, I was thinking in models, without changing anything (without editing and having to change the references)
Maybe in a new update, Beamdog will include this option as a new function.

Again, thank you for your ideas

OK, but we’re only talking about a few minutes with a text editor.