Adding Custom Icons and Music. Can somebody please help me?!

I have have downloaded some custom food Icons from Neverwinter Vault and now have a bunch of TGA files and no clue where to put them in order to make them useable in my module. Any help would be massively appreciated.

see my reply here.
no need to double-post.

For focussed answers, better to post in an NWN1 category (Custom Content, perhaps) rather than General Natter, so everyone knows which game you mean.

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@adam.wiggie In your headline you state that you need help with adding custom music, but you don’t talk about that in your post. Have you managed to figure out that part on your own perhaps?

In any case, if you wonder, you need to take an mp3 file and convert that to the bmu format that NWN1 and NWN2 uses. I know that others have stated that one can just change a few lines in the mp3 file’s code directly to make it bmu since it’s roughly the same thing. I however, use the Mp3ToBMU program that one can find on the vault: MP3toBMU 0.35 | The Neverwinter Vault
Once you’ve converted the mp3 to bmu, you put the bmu file in your NWN music folder. Then you need to add some lines to the ambientmusic.2da file too. You can find that 2da file under Sources. Just copy it and add your own edited version in the override folder.

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