Adding custom Portraits for use in the Toolset

Yeah. Title says it all. How do I take a .tga sitting in the Override folder and make it show up inside the Editor?

idk… i just tossed a .tga (128x128x24bit, unmapped, uncompressed) file in my /override and there it was in CustomPortrait

then gave it to a mindflayer and chatted it up IG, and there it was. :trident:


For it to show up in the toolset, you’ll need to associate it with the module by adding it to an existing hak file associated with the module, or by creating your own hak and then attaching that hak to your module. Additionally, you’ll need to add that portrait’s info to your portraits.2da listing. Also keep in mind that typically there are 5 tga files associated with just one character portrait – huge, large, small, very small, and tiny (I may have the word choices mixed up there but that’s the gist of it)

For more detailed info on adding creating your own portraits for a module, you’ll find some resources here, and there’s plenty of step by step guides available on the Vault to walk you through the process (like tips, rules, and conventions for editing portrait 2da’s, and nomenclature regulations for your portrait title within your hak.

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@kevL_s is right. What @DM_Wise has posted, relates to NWN1 (this thread is about NWN2).
You can also place your portraits into the <NWN2_documents_folder>\ui\custom folder.


Tossing it into the override worked well enough. The question is will that work enough if/when I get to the point that I want to share the module/campaign?

Pardon an old man’s senility. Carry on.

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could try it in a .hak file (if you have one for your module/campaign)

or try it in the Campaign folder

i’d think either should work same as /override