Adding more available weapon models via baseitems.2da

Hi all.

So I haven’t been able to figure it out, but isn’t there a way to edit baseitems.2da so you can have more models thant the default 9 ones that longsword forexample have?

I am a CEP user and CEP has up to 25 longsword models, so adding a 26th

like 26 model colors 1-4 is not possible unless editing the baseitems.2da but I cant for the life of me find out where it is I have to edit to allow 26, 1-4

Hope you understand the question and thanks in advance for your replies!

25 is maximum you can have

Thanks for your quick reply Shadooow.

I found out that maxrange in baseitems.2da was where to raise it and as you said indeed 255 in there seems to be the max unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks again for your help tho, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes maxrange controls this, but 255 is the highest number, for model-based items such as most weapons or boots that means 25 parts for each bottom middle and top.

For icon based items such as bracers it means 255 images max (including vanilla ones).