Adding new weapons

i was playing nwn1 and i liked the sling but the drawback is it being so weak, is there a way to add new ranged weapons or a guide that you recommend? i wanted to try modding new sling variants like great slings and war slings, which would be slings but with more damage and range

anyone have a guide or able to help me?

Hello. It is not for now possible to insert new throwing weapons or ammunition. The game does not allow it.

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I’ve never tried to mess with ranged weapons specifically, but it is possible to duplicate and set up new base item types, including ones that can be held in the hands and wielded as weapons. Take a look at baseitems.2da, and probably also ammunitiontypes.2da (which doesn’t seem to have a wiki entry).

If cloning them doesn’t work, maybe changing some of their values to make them stronger is an option.


My Trello Request Directly Relates To This Thread:

( TL;DR - You can override range weapons but not add new ones. You can’t add new ammo)

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What balmz was actually looking for is adding new types of sling (heavy sling, war sling), which is possible. However, they wanted to do this so they could use these new weapons in the OC, which is a bit problematic - you can add new base types to override, and also make item blueprints for those types, but the monsters/chests/merchants in the OC will never carry them.
Since this is just a “I wanna play a sling character, but they’re too week” request, I advised to just beef up the sling stats directly.

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