Adding voices to NPC's - mp3/wave?

A few years ago I remember I could only use WAV files when dubbing NPC voices; which would make my hakpack ridiculously big if I wanted to have a lot of voice-acting for NPC’s in my PW. Presuming I remember correctly and I can’t use mp3 files, any recommendations on how to keep the voice files small and have them work?

Think they had to be mono wavs, if not then that is one option to reduce bloat. EE changed the audio drivers so not sure if that had any impact on this though. You might want to put in a request to Beamdog since it is up for revision.

I rather work with what I got. So, just to verify; basically currently there are no way to work with small audio files for the voices?

AFAIK voices must be mono .wav’s.

Mono .wavs are not really that big, but you can reduce the quality, such as bit rates, sampling frequency…etc to save space.

Just record in normal (or even high quality) then down sample them to see what quality you get for the sizes that you want.

For what you are wanting to do Audacity and maybe some plugins for it should serve you well.


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Yea, I’ll just try to compress wav files with audacity or something similar.