Additional Moneo/Leto assistance requested

At @Proleric’s suggestion, i’ve moved this question to a new post (as it’s asking a bit extra)

I am looking to reverse engineer my quests. The mod was inherited from the vault, and I’d like to find the points where Ren left off, and the route through some of the higher end quests that weren’t made so public back in the day.

Most quests have physical token rewards to mark progression. Generally a small item, sometimes with a beneficial use/day ability. I’m looking to remove most of these items and store the quests as Ints on the character.

My question would be for all my quest items, which are given by a script (usually in a conversation): Can I have a script that Prints the Name and Tag, then looks through scripts to see which ones “create object”, prints the name of the script, then goes through conversations to find which conversation that script is used in?

Thus far, I have done this by reverse engineering manually (i.e. reading through all the conversations, noting scripts used and items created by them)… I’m on “R”.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think moneo can read NW scripts.

Presumably, the quest items are given using CreateItemOnObject (rather than CreateObject)?

One method would be to use the Toolset script editor to find the text “CreateItemOnObject” in all files in the module. Copy the results window using Ctrl C. Edit to a table of scripts and item resrefs (using a spreadsheet or whatever).

Now you can write a moneo script to print the name and tag of uti files whose name matches the list of resrefs. Assuming moneo can’t read text tables, you’d introduce the list of resrefs as a long condition (if resref is “x” or “y” or “z” …).

In theory, you can search conversations for the list of scripts in moneo. I remember looking for such a script. Didn’t find one. Looked at writing one, saw how convoluted the logic would be, gave up.

Maybe easier to remove the scripts from the module temporarily, then build the module in the toolset, looking for missing resources. I guess you could build the conversation / script list by editing the results window.