Additional Wildshapes form?

This might be a really uninteresting question, but I’ve just started a new run on NWN2 and I ended up making a lizardfolk druid: I’m quite happy with the result.

Only thing I find a bit out of touch is the wildshape possible beasts.

I did try to do a little research, but I just couldn’t find any mod that can give additional forms and/or change the current one with animal I find more in line with the characters.

Is there any mod that might help me? Best case scenario I would like to have a dinosaur wildshape (even if I have to get a new feat or whatever, this isn’t really a competitive run).

If there isn’t, right now: is it that hard to make one, just changing one of the basic wildshapes with a wildshape of a dinosaur (or any other reptilian for that matter)?

Thanks in advance!

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The Kaedrin Pack Prc and The Cypres Prc , the kaedrin prc have panther wildshape and cypres prc have models for dinosaurs how T rex but how animal companion, actually build a feat for dinosaur shape but for some reason since agree some effects of Kaedrin Prc don’t transform u.u