Adjusting Start Location Issue

I’ve got a lot of systems mashed together in my module so that may play into this, but I’m looking to adjust the player on enter start location. Currently it loads anyone joining to the default Start Location object and I don’t exactly see where that is called in the module events.

I’ve added a “hardcore” system that controls the players respawn location if they die. And that works great if the player dies and respawns. But if the server is restarted, on their next load into the server it places them at the default starting location.

My OnClientEnter event calls scripts x3_mod_def_enter and prc_onenter.

I do not see where in x3_mod_def_enter that it sends joining players to the default start location. So I think I’m overlooking the correct location for that setting.

And the way my respawn system works is by using a set variable on the PC. String is set to ‘afterlife’ and when they choose to respawn they are sent to a afterlife area they cannot escape. But if the server is restarted they are able to get back to the default start location, which is not what I want to happen. If I can have it check for the joining character’s local vars and if that string exists, I would want it to send the character to a specified waypoint tag.

Thinking I just edit the area’s OnEnter script (that has the default start location object) to look for the PC variable and if found then just teleport the PC to it. Is this the right way?

If you set the variable on the PC and its saved (such as by the SQL), you can make the onClientEnter script load that variable and then port them based on that variable. That’s probably what you’re looking for from my read of your post.

So instead of a local var on the PC I changed it to Journal entry ID, which works great for other things I need remembered. I’m not using SQL Server w/ my module. I swapped to use the persistent journal entries awhile back but totally forgot about them. Just needed to be reminded of that and got this all working as intended. Ty!