Admin: download counts broken?

SInce I updated my mod counters got reset and have stayed at 0 since. Of course that could just be because nobody had downloaded it :open_mouth:, but I tried DL it myself , both logged in to the vault and from another computer not logged in. Counter stays at 0.
I know I shouldn’t care about it and all that, but seems broken?


Confirmed @paphjort . Downloaded the smaller of the 2 downloads (~5mb) then refresh/redownload the page (3 times just to be sure) and the count remained at zero. @Fester_Pot any idea what’s going on?


Download counts are definitely wonky, and have been for a while. As far as my own projects go, I noticed that the download count for the “Swordflight Hakpak” on Swordflight Chapter 2 has not been going up for a long time now. It is stuck at c. 4500 downloads even though I have good reason to believe a fair number of people have been downloading it after it hit that number. Also the download count accessible from my account indicates that is has gotten c. 7500 downloads. All the rest of my uploads seem to work though (at least the counts regularly update, and there is no discrepancy between the download summary in my account and that on the page itself). It would appear the download count works in some cases and not others.

It’s been broken for at least a year now.


If you go to your downloads page in your account, those counts seem to be accurate, but the date is false.

Yeah no fix in sight.



Ok, thx all for the answers

@Fester_Pot do we know of anything we can do as authors to work around this problem?

For example, is it better to add a new download to an existing project than create a new one?

So far I’ve only see the issue on new projects.

Perhaps @niv would know the reason, but if download counts are important then I guess just upload a different file every time.

EDIT: Hrm. Just quickly browsing other new content and a module not receiving file counts. The one not receiving file count is in .zip format, where all the random ones I just briefly checked were .rar or .7z. Not sure if that’s the issue or not though.


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Here’s an example which is .doc - fails to register any downloads.’s-guide-premium-nwn-modules

That’s a .doc file, just like .txt file, I believe it will not have a download count for it. I checked my own modules that have .txt files to download, and neither have a download count associated with them. Do you have an example where it works for .doc or .txt?


No, just naively assumed that download count would be generic.

Works for PDF, though:

It has nothing to do with old versus new or zip versus 7z. There are 7z files added to old projects that stay at 0 downloads. While some new files uploaded end up immediately having 451 downloads (as an example).

Files that receive tons of downloads when the project is first created, happens to be using the same filename as another file somewhere else on the vault, in some other project, that has that download count - if that is what you mean by immediately having 451 downloads.