Admin tools

Are there any admin tools available that I could import into my module? I was hoping there are some tools so I could do commands like kill, kick, ban, give levels, take levels, teleport, dm haste, invis (even against true seeing) etc… Sometimes I like to play along with others and I was hoping someone already thought of this and created some items that I could import.

DMFI Tools

NWN (v1.09) -

NWN2 (v1.10b) -

Henesua also did an upgrade for the NWN1 version - I’ve downloaded both NWN packages, but haven’t used them much. What I did use was easy to setup and worked great. I’m not sure they have everything you are looking for, but they have a lot of tools built in.


I knew that NWN1 had DMFI tools, but not NWN2. Thank you very much Pstemarie.:star_struck:

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