“Adria’s Shack” from Diablo (1996) (For NWN:EE)

Here is Adria’s Shack that I promised would compliment her Cauldron. Took some time to make sure the wood textures perfectly lined up as well as made sure the UV map was as optimized as possible using RyzomUV. I also fined tuned the wood texture within Photoshop and made two versions, Dark and Light for use in Substance painter so it made the aged wood look natural on the edges were wear and tear would occur. I also added some Moss buildup as well. I used the AO Bake and merged it with the Diffuse Texture to give it the illusion of ray traced AO in game. This is perfectly scaled and optimized for use within NWN:EE.

I will be reworking the Cathedral Model as well as Tristram Village when I get more time. I plan on also making models from Hellfire, such as the Hive entrance, and the expanded Grave in the graveyard that leads down to the Crypts were you end up fighting Na-Krul. I will also be working on the stone walls within the village, as well as each Dungeon, Walls, Columns, Archways, Entrances, etc. This will all take time, but I feel it is time that the NWN community had real placeables to use in their Diablo modules, and not just make due with what we have now. The entire point of Custom Content is to expand NWN, and even start utilizing Fancy Maps/PBRs as much as possible.

I welcome anyone who wishes to help me in this project, as I only know how to make placeables at the moment, so if you can design weapons, armor, or even NPCS to fit the Diablo world better, as well as animate them, feel free to do so and contact me. I will gladly put them in the Custom Hak and give you full credit.