Adventuring with Amie

have a look at the OnClientEnter script ‘u00_area_client_enter’

it calls


in ‘u_inc_lobby’

that looks like where the PC is granted xp. The constants at the top of ‘u_inc_lobby’ define the amount as 8000 xp.

The stuff you’ve changed already is for characters that are created with the Registry Book …

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I want to do that too. Is this script in an area? I can’t find it. I have G_X2 loaded as the module.

It’s inside G2_X2. If it’s opened as a module then you should see it.

void EnterLobbyArea(object oPC)
	int bNeedToLevel = FALSE;
	object oGameStartWP = GetObjectByTag(TAG_GAME_START_WP);
	object oLastri		= GetNearestObjectByTag("u00_lastri", oPC);
	if (GetIsPC(oPC))
		PrettyDebug("u_inc_lobby: " + GetName(oPC) + " has entered the lobby");
		//RemoveEquipment (oPC);
		int nXP = GetXP(oPC);

		// Make the character at least 3rd level
		if ( nXP < START_XP_HARD && nDifficulty > 2 )
		else if ( nXP < START_XP_NORM && nDifficulty == 2 )
		else if ( nXP < START_XP_EASY && nDifficulty < 2 )		

		AssignCommand(oLastri, ActionStartConversation(oPC, "u00_lastri", FALSE, FALSE, TRUE));	

Comment out those lines with «if … SetXP()» , save this script, then open u00_area_client_enter and recompile it.

How about the ‘user’ solution? Just form your party, save your game, exit, and use the character editor to reduce the experience points of each character to the level you want. Not as elegant a solution as programming scripts, but it should work.

On a side note, I exported my companions from the original campaign, deleveled them with the character editor, exported them, and imported them into SoZ. Like I said before, I like Amie! Also Elanee, Shandra, Neeshka … I brought my whole harem with me! :heart_eyes:

And in MotB, I took the very depressed looking Kaelyn and used the GFF editor to replace her features with those of Elanee. Now Elanee has wings! :yum:

Hey, it’s your game. The final objective is, after all, to have fun.

I’ve tried some of these more involved tweaks but now days I usually just give myself a magic bag to manage inventory and press on with the adventure.


I can’t find that script The characters added in the party roster are not autoleveling, so I got most of what I wanted. Thanks, guys! I hate autolevelling, on PP, or anywhere. I want evey XP point to be earned in blood.

Thank You, Yes. The voice of Reason. It is not about strictly obeying rules or sticking stoically to some plot. It is about having Fun! I think I must have run into a Paladin on a different forum who chided for bringing Amie back to life. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I like you like to earn my XP. What I have been doing is playing another game til my character gets to 4th level than exporting them to the new game, such as SOZ.

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That’s what I do. This time I got my main char up to l4 in Betrayal mod/OC, then exported him into SOZ. I think I could survive with a full party starting at level one in SOZ, that’s why I want to do this.

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I would never say it can’t be done there are always ways of doing things if you use the right tactics. If mans history has shone us anything it is not always the smartest or strongest that succeed. An example from the history of the U.S. world war 2 hero Audie Murphy all of 5’4" or 164cm tall weighted 112lbs or 50.9kg soaking wet. He is still one of the greatest hero’s in US history. Where there is a will there is away.:grinning:

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My OC Makeover has the option for restoring Shandra within the story - not through manipulating save files and such. But Amie is not restored within the OC Makeover.

The MotB Makeover allows Amie, Shandra, and several of the other OC companions to be used while playing MotB.

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That’s what I’m using. And it rocks! I think I could start at level one in the OC makeover, with a full party. There wouldn’t happen to be a switch to turn off the autolevel in the OC makeover, would there, Kaldor?

I really liked your OC make over Kaldor and the MOTB makeover.:grinning:

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No switch for turning off auto-leveling. Sorry. I don’t think anyone requested that back when I was working on the OC and MotB Makeovers.


No prob. :):grinning:

One thing I have noticed when adventuring with Amy. If you change out one of the other npc’s you will lose a npc slot. I was able to use mindrider’s trick in other places to keep a party of five once i was in Neverwinter. The problem was when I gained Qara. When I switched one of the others I ended up with three Arcane spell casters. I like to play Sun Elf Wizards but adding Qara and Amy made three Mages with Kelgar. I lost Neeshka and Elanee. So I used Mindriders two saves and a quick save. I then removed Amy from my quick save. Put Neeshka back in my party. Quick saved the game again. Went back to my save folder removed Amy from one of the other saves and put her back into the last quick save and it worked. I then had the my PC, Qara, Neeshka, Kelgar and Amy again. Thanks again Mindrider:grinning:

not sure if this’d help you guys a bit

debugmode 1
rs ga_party_limit(9)
debugmode 0

// This command puts a limit on the number of Roster NPCS that can be
// added to a player’s party via the Party Selection GUI.

“9” is how many roster-characters are allowed in the party. change as needed …


Thanks kevL_s that will save a lot of game time.:japanese_ogre::four_leaf_clover::grinning:

heh / sometimes i tow the whole party along and watch them bump into each other

Amie’s a fish in a different kettle though. I’m guessing she’s flagged unselectable, meaning she can’t be added or removed from the party like others.

rs ga_roster_selectable(sRoster, bSelectable)

bSelectable is either (no quotes)
“1” - can be added and/or removed from party
“0” - cannot be …

sRoster (needs quotes) - amie’s roster label, i’m not sure what it is offhand; probably the filename of her .Ros file


It’s the tag of a companion. “0_amie” in the case of Amie.