Advice plot-driven NWN2 multiplayer module


I am currently playing in MP nwn1 Aielund Saga and enjoying it pretty much.
Now, I would really like to start some nwn2 module in MP with a similar taste. I have read few lists and have some doubts, I hope you could help me out there.
What I am looking for is a NWN2 module that can easily be played in MultiPlayer (2 players) with a heavy roleplay, basically a plot-driven module with not so much of H&S, yet with the possibility to go above LV 15 or epic (not so crucial, but appreciated).

This is what I put my eyes on:
Live forerver - It seems great but I couldn’t figure out which is the maximum level you can reach. Does it have any major issue with MP?
Wulverheim - Seems also very nice but I am afraid there’s too much of H&S
Icewind Dale - Good plot but maximum LV 15, isn’t it? Does it have any major issue with MP?
Tragedy in Tragidor - Apparently it is possible to play it multiplayer, but I have no clue about maximum level

Trial and terror - Probably good as a follow up for another low level module, not sure about the roleplay weight though
Lute Hero - Maybe too short?
Pilgrim: Chapter 1 - Seems to have a nice plot
Pool of Radiance - Not sure it is playble in multiplayer and it has probably a too low of maximum level, but maybe.
Paths of Ascension - Seems interesting
Tomb of Horrors Revisited FINAL - Seems nice, but maybe too H&S

Thank you very much in advance for any advice.

You can scan for recommended level and multiplayer compatibility here
I’ve corrected some errors from the bioware forum days. Unfortunately for the rest you’ll have to read the description and comments.
One item not on you list is Legend of White Plume Mountain. The 2nd half of the module, Return to White Plume Mountain , should start around level 19/21.
Good role playing material is IMO much harder to write than combat orient material.
Good luck!

Thank you very much, it’s a great tool