does anyone know what game parameters the model property affectedByWind depends on ? i know there’s a way to change ‘wind power’ in the toolset’s custom environment menu, but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.

if this model parameter depends on some factor external to the model, ideally i’d like to be able to modify that aspect in order to change the behaviour of the model.

I think it is related to visual effects, pulses, explosions and such.

You can use new nwscript functions to affect the general wind in an area (to a very big extreme heh) to really see the effects. Test module here: Jasperre and shadguy's Weather Demo Module and Custom Content | The Neverwinter Vault

Some emitters also produce wind - eg; Fireball is an easy one to test. Some are affected by it - dust and smoke etc.

Moving through things also produce wind, eg moving through grass or with new water it’ll detect it and do pulses.

So in summary main things it affects: Danglymesh on creatures and placeables primarily. Grass and (new shader) water (the direction of waves is directed by wind). Emitters - things like smoke and dust and the like.

Shaders can access it for more advanced graphical stuff as well.

Probably need to write a quick wiki page on wind…

many thanks to you both for your replies.

do you know if there’s a way to do this in 1.69 ?

aha. so it reacts to emitters in other objects. in that case, i should be able to create some ‘wind’ by making a durable effect w/the right parameters. i took a look at vff_explfire and it looks like it has the makings of what i need. thanks much for the info.

EDIT : and on thinking further about this, i’ve realised it provides some very interesting opportunities to enhance my farting trolls and ogres ! :smiley:

Scripting stuff is EE only. Bioware provided very little weather and wind control in 1.69 sorry.

That’s correct. It will be affected by:
A. Area wind settings.
B. Some Object/ VFX. Specifically: Animations can have “detonate” events, which create a wind blast.

Side-note: There are other animation events as well, such as “footstep” which will play the footstep sound associated with a model (the sound is specified in the appearance.2da).