Affinity EE - work in progress

Morovia descends into chaos as the aged King loses his mind.

Feudal loyalties are long gone. Each magnate cultivates their own Affinity - an armed retinue of servants, retainers and lesser nobles, whose reach extends beyond the battlefield to the corruption of markets and law courts.

You are obliged to seek work at the hiring fair in the border town of Astonbridge - but whom will you serve?

House Royson? House Evenlode? The Seventh Veil? The Perfect Circle?

Or will you be the kite that picks the bone from the dogs?


Moonglow Manor - outpost of the Perfect Circle


Astonbridge town


Looking good so far. For those that haven’t realised it yet, the kite referred to by Chaucer is a large predatory bird and not a flying device flown by a string.


I love this! tell me if there are any specific customs I can make for you.

@Stonehammer Great! I’ll take you up on that, as the detail gets fleshed out.

I’ll be grabbing your statues from this month’s CCC for a start.

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The ease with which graphics can be displayed via EE NUI lends itself to providing players with visual information in game that might easily be lost in the bowels of the journal, for example:

A sequel of “Crown of creation” ? At last the girl in the middle looks somewhat familiar …

Well, it’s 65 years later, but in the same gameworld.

Yes, Lady Amesbridge looks uncannily like her grandmother, the first Lara Fitzwilliam, and uses the vanity title Countess of Warkworthshire, even though Morovia lost that territory years ago.

Dragon Age fans may also recognise her as Morrigan (by kind permission of Bioware) in a different universe.

The weaving town of Astonbridge is served by its lawyers, Yarner & Ramsbottom, who invariably represent both parties in every case that can afford it, thereby assuring a steady income whatever the outcome.

Saga Yarner qualified at St Turnip’s College, Fenchester, where she is remembered for arguing that the dog Bonzo stole the sausages while her client was abducted by aliens. Fellow student Airey Ramsbottom objected that this was implausible because said dog had been dead for a century at the time of the robbery. Yarner called an expert witness, Simon the Inebriated, to testify to the activities of undead dogs. Airey countered with an affidavit sworn by aliens that Saga’s client never left the planet. Thus a great partnership was born.


Bonzo? How old did he get? :slight_smile:

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I am guessing the aliens had something to do with it. A miniature giant space hamster situation. I love Bonzo all my ccc dogs are products of attempts to make a different Bonzo. Yeah I am totally invested in ProlericU (like MCU). It took me a while to figure out the coordinated dancing and marching scripts were area-size based and not waypoint based, Just the kind of new thing I like learning about.

I am eagerly anticipating this one :smiley:

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Careful @Proleric, you could be showing your age :older_man:. My research suggests that the Bonzo Dog Do Da Band’s biggest hit in the UK was from 1968 and here is the promo (pre-music videos) to prove it.


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As it happens, that band was named after Bonzo the Dog (1922).

Probably for the same reason, Bonzo can be an affectionate placeholder for someone whose name you can’t (or pretend not to) remember.

Here, however, we are speaking of the dog Sir Bonzo KCGL (1372-1382) and a trial of 1475. Affinity EE is set in 1490.