After All These Years I Never Knew This ... Scaling Objects (With plugin)

Sometimes, I have no idea how something about the toolset had escaped me … However, I will set aside any embarrassment and tell you what I discovered by accident …

Select a placeable object in an area in the toolset, hold the ctrl button down and scroll middle mouse button to change the scale of the placeable “live”. i.e. It changes before my eyes.

Previously I had no end of awkwardness scaling items by editing the properties box and then (more often than not) having to copy and paste the altered placeable to have the new rescaled placeable object.

Anyway, maybe I can try to remember that one now.


i am pretty sure that this feature comes from grinning fool’s usability tools plugin. there’s also an option in the plugin’s settings to change the scaling increment. do you have this plugin installed?


I only get a camera zoom, I think Semper’s right :sob:

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@Semper and @Tsongo,

Ah! That could well be the case, as I have only recently installed that!

That is why I have only just noticed it then - Phew - Sanity restored. (I just lost track of its benefits.)

Thanks for the heads up, Lance.

Installed on the 19/11/20:

Dude, don’t get our hopes up like that!


It’s still great news as we can have that facility (as I now have) with the plugin. :slight_smile: (See link above.)

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I’ve used this a lot… I actually thought it was part of the vanilla toolset… I had the usability plugin installed so long that I guess I’ve forgotten all the small quality of life things it does for me.