After campaign modules?

Well, in nwn1 there are some modules that are set after the OC or after HOTU, and i enjoyed them. Is there anything like this for nwn2?

One has been in work for a while:

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Ah, very nice! But will the player still be the character of OC and MOTB? Because that’s what i mean

Yes, in that one rjshae linked the pc is specifically the OC/MotB pc. There’s one epic level one where you could play the OC/MotB pc but the story is completely unrelated so it would be no different than if you played any epic level character.

There are some modules that occur after the OC and treat it as canon, but the player does not play the same character.

There are a few mods listed for levels above 25. A few more either scale to the level of the PC or consist of puzzles or role playing that don’t depend on combat. I keep an updated list here
Hope that helps.