Age of Mortals Enhanced Edition is running great

Age of Mortals Enhanced Edition is running great. This Mod in particular has been in development since May 2003. You can imagine how I could have used everything through the years the vault could provide a novice developer like me. So I could in effect bring together 6 of the most epic modules ever created. In fact I was so over zealous in the early year I forgot to note who’s work I used. I want to pay credit to where credit is due.

So come one come all to investigate Age of Mortals and tell me when the original map branches into epic directions who’s work was borrowed off the ign.nwvault. leave a comment here and i will add notation through the toolset adding in game markers.
It can be a great adventure.
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Thank you

I was just wondering why I still cant see the server in the
I was running ee server and seeing it in the list all the way up until the latest update for steam.