anyone play agrenosr-beneath the cobbles ???
totaly stuck … playing a fighter-sorcerer can not find the cult in the sewers. been at every point and can not find the flooded room to get to the cult hide-out

any help greatly appreciated

Olivier Leroux should know. He did the play testing.
I downloaded the module a long time ago, probably from the old vault. It came with a complete walkthrough.
You should have that, too.

I just checked the download from the vault and it has a documentation folder with the walkthrough.

the walk through says head se then ne been all over the sewers cant find it,
found a sewer grate , furthest east, cant open it "lock is rusted shut ???

maybe bash it?

I’ve seen the thread and I wish I could help, but that was a long time ago (about 14 years?). I’ve found that with all the countless modules I’ve played over the years, my memory of individual stories, letalone specific scenes in them, is not as good anymore. I’m not even sure whether I ever completed a single playthrough of Agrenost back then, I only remember playtesting all the different, class-specific starting parts …

But I’ve actually thought about replaying (or properly playing through) it. Now that I hardly remember anything about it anymore, it should be fun again! :innocent:

Maybe you could give us some exact room names to check out. I can read “toolset” but the mod has 140+ areas.

isn’t there a persom in a tavern that has to open that part of the quest? I know it can be done but like Olivier I can’t remember. I have a few old saves if you can s\zero in on what part you are at. I played it with a fighter once and a wizard once. I really enjoyed it as it was a lot different than a lot of what was available at the time. I know there was an issue with a tenement that you had to come at form an area that didn’t look possible on the map and there was an entrance there but I can’t recall what the entrance was to. I bet it’s the one you are looking for. Is South Wall Tenement a spot on the map?