AI ignore some spells & feats

As the title states, ai casts both original and MotB expansion spells and feats but ignore most of Kaedrin’s PrC newly implemented ones. I tested during combat and noncombat. Any workaround for this? Its a headache seeing my mages didn’t use any of the prc feats and memorize spells.

perhaps try tony’s Companion and Monster AI 2.2

it should recognize many kPrC spells & feats iir.

if not, or if something’s missing/incomplete/notright, you could try my nwn2_ai_2da_editor

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oops. Forgot to list down my mods. Yes I’m currently using tony_k companion and monster ai 2.2 and Kaedrin’s PrC Pack v1.42.1 both from the vault. I can confirmed ai blackguard cast his feat such as bull’s strength, turn undead and smite good, but ignore his other feats especially the prc related. Druid for example cast all his level 1 spells except for Halo of Sand which is kaedrin’s prc at same levels. Any way I can resolve this? Will your editor able to fix this?

if you’re not familiar with modding I would not suggest doing this. (srsly) Like, in the habit of keeping backups, etc.

This is what i see in my HenchSpells.2da

2095 Halo_of_Sand **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

that is, Halo of Sand has not been configured. (note that the id “2095” corresponds to id “2095” in Spells.2da, this is a req’t …)

and This is what i got out of nwn2_ai_2da_editor

2095 Halo_of_Sand 369640450 69206023 0.3 1 17026049 1048576 ****


it wasn’t easy. I looked at Shield of Faith and Mage Armor for rough examples. I think they both have bits of incorrect data. I also looked at their spellscripts, as well as the spellscript for Halo of Sand. (Fortunately I have an earlier version of the kPrC Pack with sourcecode. This would, partly or largely, be an effort in futility otherwise, although i suppose you could get rough values from the descriptions in Dialog.Tlk) Then i poked around though tony’s hench*.nss files until I found the constants that I first had to look up in the code for the editor itself. And I deciphered the coreAI … the big time-consumer here was DamageInfo:beneficial … the rest was pretty straightforward.

tl;dr bitting spells/feats for the CoreAI takes practice and knowledge, then i figure a guy/gal could really get into it,

Also note that changes to the Hench*.2da files won’t affect the NPC-AI (unless game-scripts have been changed for them to use the tony/SoZ ai …) – ie, changes are likely to affect party-members only. The difference between them is which function gets called for combat, DetermineCombatRound()* or HenchDetermineCombatRound()**.

* is stock Monster/NPC ai
** is SoZ/tony’s Companion/Associate ai

but yeah, someday I’d like to go through HenchSpells and vet everything (for my own personal satisfaction at least) but don’t relish the thought of tweedling through thousands of spells – or even a hundred eh

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Thanks for looking it up. I thought that it would involved doing some common steps of configuration (skyrim, PoE). But going through columns of scripts, let alone modify is definitely not my league.

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