Aielund Saga CC question - is Savant still around?

Does anyone know if Savant is still around?

I installed the first chapter of the Aielund Saga via the in-game downloads of the EE, and it looks like it somehow includes Kamiryn’s Customize Character Override Hak, but in a very outdated version (4.11) that hardly works correctly on my end. I disabled all my overrides and userpatch.ini to be sure and the development folder is empty as well. When I open the crafting dialogue in any other module, it’s the default NWN crafting, but in the Aielund module it’s CCOH 4.11. If it’s true that CCOH was included in the custom files for this series somehow, either in the Aielund haks or CEP or something, I think it would be better to remove it and allow players to use their own, updated version of CCOH (for the EE it’s currently at version 8.35).

For some reasons Aielund I&II contain the scripts&dialog from CCOH 4.11 (but not the 2da files).
To fix this open the module with the toolset and delete all scripts starting with “mk_” and the x0_skill_ctrap.dlg. Easiest done by deleting these files in \modules\temp0 folder using windows explorer. Then save the module.
This works for new games only (not for saves).
For save games you can grab the new CCOH x0_skill_ctrap.dlg and put it in the development folder. This will overwrite the dlg in the module. I think current CCOH EE uses different script names so the old scripts in the mod file shouldn’t interfere.


I see, thanks for the quick reply! Weird that this was not fixed when the modules were officially accepted as curated content for the EE …

I can’t open the module since I downloaded it in-game with the EE, and these files are not clearly identifiable for me. Does that mean it’s better to download the files from the Vault then?

Ahh… okay. If you’ve downloaded them in-game then you cannot open them with toolset as they are hidden in a big database file. But x0_skill_ctrap in dev folder should work nevertheless.

Don’t know if it’s better to download from the vault but at least you can open them in the toolset then.

That’s what I did for now, but I often see authors recommending against putting anything in the development folder, and last time I did this, I forgot that I had done it and it caused issues with a new version of CCOH that I complained to you about until you had me look into the development folder and I remembered. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thanks for all your awesome support. CCOH is my favorite mod ever and NWN would only be half as much fun without it! :blue_heart:

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Dev folder is a mixed blessing… it can solve problems but it also can cause problems. So whenever you start playing something new better look in your dev folder first to see if there are some old files that aren’t needed anymore. Unfortunately this is often forgotten (speaking of myself :smiley: ).

In answer to your title question, see this thread on the BD forums - Last post by Savant1974 is from May 28th this year. You might want to ask them in a new post on there.


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Thanks! I guess I will have to create an account on the Beamdog forums then after all.

After doing some search for Aielund and CCOH it seems that Savant had some problems to get (the now old) CCOH working with his modules and the custom content used by his modules (e.g. CEP2). Unfortunately he never tried to contact me.

I know that while making CCOH EE I had some problems with some CEP2 2da overwrites (CEP2 2.6 adds a column HASMODEL to parts_***.2da files) but these problems should be fixed.

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I see you had a reply over on the BD forums.


Yeah, but just another redirection. :sweat_smile: Savant said I should tell Beamdog to fix it in they way Kamiryn suggested, as they are responsible for the module now. I don’t know who to tell though or where … Is anyone here in contact with the guys at Beamdog who curate the modules?

Try sending a pm to @JuliusBorisov on the BD forums to ask who to report this to.


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Where would I find the x0_skill_ctrap.dlg? Also somewhere in the module? Or in the haks?

In the module.

Part I&II have CCOH 4.11 x0_skill_ctrap.dlg and the mk_* scripts from CCOH 4.11

The other parts have the CEP x0_skill_ctrap.dlg and the CEP crafting scripts. While these also make using CCOH impossible they should not be removed because doing so would probably prevent players without CCOH from modifying armor or weapons.