Aielund Saga giant lands bug

I can load rocky mountain tiles like deep into the stoneguard mountains but cant load giant lands camp without crashing. I’m playing on android. What could’ve caused this

Could be lots of things - bad tile, bad script, etc. etc. Any additional info you can provide would help. I do know that some versions of Rocky Mountains have issues with EE. However, I think there are fixes/updates on the Vault.

What info would u like? Im playing on the latest version of nwn ee. The crashed part is at 18:12 Neverwinter Nights EE: The Aielund Saga Act 2 Part 7 (LG Sorcerer) - YouTube . I can load the previous mountainy parts without problems. Varenx has posted a fix for rocky mountains but i couldnt make it work. Rocky Mountains (tbm01) Node Name fixes | The Neverwinter Vault

The instructions look OK to me. For Android, the path is
Android > Data > com.beamdog.nwnandroid > files > user>patch
for the hak file and
Android > Data > com.beamdog.nwnandroid > files > user
for the userpatch.ini file.
The latter file needs to be a plain text file.

If you’re the same guy with the cracked copy of EE that posted on Discord about this, it might be because your game is cracked…

Dont have a patch folder. Do i create one?

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Tried to create one and run it and it crashed again

Not that it’s any help, but I’ve played Aielund on a Mac without any problems in that area. However, the mountain tileset in Sanctum of the Archmage turned out a game breaker for me on a Mac. Only module so far but then I haven’t played many, if any, with similar mountains. I’ve mentioned to Andarian and am hopeful now that Sanctum is gonna be curated by Beamdog that we might find out at least why its happening - must be something to do with pathfinding on quickly changing surfaces ( he opines without having a clue :grinning: )

Digging deeper, if the area in question is “Frost Giant Camp”, the tileset is Zwerkules’ Early Winter, not Rocky Mountains (which isn’t used in Aielund Saga Ch 2, as far as I can see).

I’ve notified Savant1974 of the issue.

Meantime, like @Pstemarie says, if your game is cracked, maybe time to uncrack it…

…and/or remove any mods from override

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Shit, i got the tile name all wrong then. Is there a patch for early winter set?

That tileset shouldn’t have any issues. It’s probably something with the module - @Proleric maybe that transition issue? - give Savant some time to look into it now that’s he’s been notified.

Alternatively, you can buy the game on Steam, opt into preview patch, and see if the issue persists.

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How long till he responds? Any ideas? @Proleric

No, it’s not one of the known transition issues - they all result in nothing happening, not area load then crash.

I get the impression that Savant might not be able to look into this any time soon.

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@Wishywashypiss - are you playing the version from the Vault or the version from the game’s curated content list?


What could be causing the transition issue

That’s not the issue here.

It it was, you wouldn’t get as far as area load.

The most common reason for crashes during area load in my experience has been a model EE doesn’t like - most likely a tile or creature that has defects that earlier versions tolerated.

Beamdog have fixed most of those (with a little help from the community). Also, we would have heard by now if Aielund Saga was broken for everyone. So it could be specific to Android - a name issue, similar to Linux, is one possibility.

Incidentally, did you get the latest NWN update on Google Play Store?

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Yes, i have the latest nwn, 8193A00011

The Early Winter tiles load fine in Android for me.

I tested all 1306 tiles (using Shadguy’s method).

The compiled version loaded very much faster than the default (uncompiled) version, so try the compiled version if you haven’t already - Android devices do vary.

I suspect the problem lies elsewhere, though.

Turning to the Aielund Saga itself, the area “Frost Giant Camp” loads for me on Android.

I tested this by setting my start location there in the toolset.

Optional files used were

  • Early Winter compiled version
  • Ship Interior dds version

There were some optional files which I didn’t use:

  • Real Skies
  • Aielund Music
  • Ship Interior TGA version
  • Early Winter uncompiled version

There’s not much more I can do to help, I’m afraid.