Alan C9's Include Fixes - Anyone know what this is?

While applying AI fixes from Whitetower and Melliuc, I came across this comment on the Rolovault archive of Whitetower’s AI Fix listing from the original vault:

“All I can say is I am flat out impressed. Between AlanC9’s include fix and Whitetower’s feats.2da fix, I’m finally seeing Bioware’s AI working as intended! Thanks for all your hard work!” – ScrewTape

The comment was posted back in 2004 and I’m just curious to see what this is what is referring to if anyone knows. Even better, does anyone actually have the includes modified by Alan C9?

Tried googling rolovault for AlanC9 - nothing. Atm moment that just leaves the wayback machine (December 4th 2004) forums. Although isn’t there a formatted searchable scrape of those forums in the form of a file that needs a certain program to use (can’t remember what either is called). I think it was Rolo that did this file.


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Thanks, Tarot. I did a search in google for “nwn alanC9” and apparently he was pretty active in NWN2. I also found this post which I’m exploring now…

EDIT - Found it! I was able to get the ID from the old vault listing and use that to access it on the Rolovault.

Thanks again, Tarot.

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After further examination, the fix by AlanC9 isn’t needed. It was for a bug introduced in patch 1.64 which BioWare fixed in patch 1.65.

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