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Here you will find all of my systems and modules…


facebook … Why ? There are better alternatives. Not interested, sorry.


Right. But all the stuff is on google-drive for free download, so there’s no problem with facebook.

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Don’t you have to be a member of Farcebook™ to see the post with the link in the Farcebook™ Group?

Doesn’t look like it. Never joined Facebook (and never will) but I could see the post with the google drive links when following the link provided.

Ah ok. I only use Farcebook™ to stay in touch with some family members - cheaper than international calling fees.

OP if you want people to see your content, you are better off posting it in the vault, most will not see this thread.

The vault on here is the the universal NWN center for sharing your work.
Alternatively you can use Steam Workshop, I suppose some people might also check that.
General rule of sharing about anything: make it as easy for people as can be.

The Vault is available to all players, whereas Steam Workshop is only available if you buy the game from Steam or Beamdog.

So, publishing on the Vault reaches the widest audience. I also publish on Steam Workshop to reach those Steam players who never look beyond Steam. Last time I checked, two-thirds of my downloads were on the Vault, most of the rest on Steam.


No reply from OP, so probably just wanted to advertise his Facebook page.

Exactly, why look a gifthorse in the mouth eh? :smiley:

Reply to what??

I didn’t think there was a need to explain the link or my post, use / visit or dont?

Nothing champ, good luck with your Facebook page!

For those who don’t want to use Facebook, here is a direct link to my sharing folders…>

NWN EE Content…

NWN Diamond Edition Content