All Things Are Lights and Hidden Tradition 5 related projects

I was browsing for modules earlier today and downloaded Hidden Tradition 5 out of curiosity. I was shocked at first to see that it included all the content from another module THT1: All Things Are Lights for its early areas, then it dawned on me, they are both by the same author.

Turns out that Hidden Tradition 5 is indeed the continuation/sequel of THT1: All Things Are Lights 1 except under a different name, as it follows up where the latter left behind, in terms of… pretty much everything, only that it was constructed for a PW. It is not apparent that they are related given the different naming convention (I didn’t realise THT1 stood for The Hidden Tradition 1 embarrassingly).

I think it’s best if both modules are added as related projects to each other under their vault entries or rename one or the other so that is made known that it THT1: All Things Are Lights was in fact continued. For the Campaign and Module Series List, instead of listed as a “Unfinished One Chapter Series”, it should be given its own entry under “General Campaign/Series” together with Hidden Tradition 5, if applicable that is.

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Good suggestion, consider it done.
To prospective players is it advised to do the Single Player module first an then go on to PW? (THT5)
Or should one play THT5 only?

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Thanks Werelynx. As for which module to play, I would say that THT5 is straight up better since its a complete experience, but THT1 does few aspects that make it better than THT5 singleplayer, such as non-respawning mobs, surprises, balancing, lack of PW related features that might break immersion when going solo and faster loading times (since its smaller, without custom assets).

But playing THT1, you’d have to go through the same parts in THT5 again from the beginning. Unless one really want to see what THT1 does different from THT5 OR dosen’t mind playing the THT1 part of the story again, new players should play THT5 immediately.