Alternate Combat Animations/D20 Modern

Hey everyone— to keep it short, I’m looking for advice on how to make all or some of the Alternate Combat Animations compatible with the D20 modern system.

(link for reference ~ ~)

ACP v4.0, from Migrate Wizard, adds various animations for melee combat, and
d20 modern adds animations for ranged combat (Pistols, Duel Pistols, Rifles etc.)

When I try to combine these in a module it doesn’t work.

I believe ACP v4.0 is phenotype based, and requires it’s own specific .tlk file… likewise if you want to use the d20 system, that will also require a .tlk file…

if I wanted to utilize both acp and d20… where would I start?

I prefer to keep each project intact, without dissecting them and making a frankenstein abomination of a hak pack… ideally they would just work together— or perhaps there’s a way to merge them?

Can you even merge .tlk’s?

I have a lot of trouble with those specific types of files and I’m hoping there’s an easier way.

More than that though, I’m just hoping it’s possible to have my cake and eat it too in this situation… I love both the d20 and the acp mods so much that I can’t just… choose one over the other.

I’m no expert on these packages, but unfortunately you will have to combine the .tlk files.

Assuming D20 Modern has a lot more custom .tlk lines than ACP, I’d use that file as the base. You might then ask whether the ACP custom strings do anything vital - I don’t recall seeing any in game, for example. Radical solution would be to let ACP point to incorrect strings in D20M, and live with that in the toolset.

Otherwise, unless by some miracle ACP and D20M are using different string ranges, you’d need to copy the ACP strings to the base .tlk at an unused range of numbers, then recode all references to them in the ACP 2da files. Spreadsheets are a great tool for doing that systematically.

ACP is based on a custom phenotype, so the next question is whether it handles phenotype switching when the NPC goes ranged. If so, the D20M animations should work. I’m not sure how do-able that is, though, because there’s no equip event for NPCs.

Ultimate solution would be to merge the animation models. I’ve done something similar - it’s a text editor job. The Custom Content Guide explains how the models work.

Probably others know more…

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@Avenerick You might want to work off this package -

It adds support not present in the ACP v4.0 and is confirmed as working with NWN EE. I’d have to look at D20 Modern to see what is required to make them play nice.

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I appreciate the insight very much guys!

Latest update, I copied&pasted the ACP info all into the d20 tlk… and basically “corrupted” both systems, for lack of a better term… lol my module wouldn’t even load.

so it definitely looks like I’m gonna be rewriting every single reference like you said (Proleric.)

It slipped my mind, that I’d have to edit the 2da’s as well, but that helps.

Right now I’m looking into Pstemarie’s link, and I’m feeling super encouraged about all this.

Thank’s for real guys, I’ll for sure make a post if I’m successful in this…hope it doesnt’t take years! haha