Alternate Combat Animations Pack

I installed Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.0), testing the demo module one can clearly see that NPCs are using different combat styles.

When playing other mods I’m the only character using the animation styles, there is a way to make NPCs using the animations too.


Under Properties, you have to set the creature’s phenotype to one of the ACP anim phenos. Only creatures built from a character race can use them.

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So I have to set up. them in the toolset, they don’t automatically override default ones for NPC.

Thanks, GrumpyOldGoat

Yes, in the Toolset. All character models access the baseline anims (a_ba, a_fa, etc.) through the Normal or Large phenotype (depending on what the player chose at creation) whereas the ACP is all setup through different phenotypes. Depending on which ACP setup you are using (Customized, ACP, Project Q, etc.), you probably have scripts which are swapping out phenos for PCs when they choose a new style.

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Soooo this has a .hak that needs to be added to the mod’s hak list in order to work and can’t just be dropped into the override folder to work with existing mods? I’m so confused. I fell in love with this while playing Arbor Falls and was wondering if it could be used with other mods without editing the mods themselves? Could this be used purely in override form to be used in existing mods? Maybe extracting the hak and dropping it into the override folder?

I am pretty sure it would work in the override. So long as the 2das are in there that are related to the animations. Try iy.