Aluvian Darkstar

I ran a search for “character builds” and didn’t find any main threads for it, so I hope that this will be the right forum to post this in. This is my first character build. I like Aluvian Darkstar’s portrait and developed this build based on the portrait and on the idea of taking her through SoU and HotU. I welcome and appreciate any feedback.

Aluvian Darkstar
Elf, Chaotic Neutral
Wizard (General)

STR: 10
DEX: 16
CON: 12
INT: 16
WIS: 12
CHA: 10

Feats: Point Blank Shot

Skills: Concentration (4), Lore (4), Persuade (2), Search (2), Spellcraft (4)

1 WIZ: Point Blank Shot
3 WIZ: Weapon Focus (longbow)
4 WIZ: +1 INT (17)
5 WIZ: Extend Spell
6 WIZ: Rapid Shot
8 WIZ: +1 INT (18)
9 WIZ: Blind-Fight
10 WIZ: Empower Spell
11 WIZ
12 WIZ: +1 DEX (17), Iron Will
13 AA
14 AA
15 AA: Improved Critical (longbow)
16 AA: +1 DEX (18)
17 AA
18 AA: Alertness
19 AA
20 AA: +1 DEX (19)

21 WIZ: Epic Weapon Focus (longbow)
22 HS: Great Dexterity I (20)
23 WIZ
24 WIZ: +1 DEX (21), Great Dexterity II (22), Great Intelligence 1 (19)
25 WIZ
26 WIZ
27 WIZ: Great Dexterity III (23)
28 WIZ: +1 DEX (24)
29 AA
30 AA: Great Dexterity IV (25)
31 HS
32 HS: +1 DEX (26)
33 AA: Great Dexterity V (27)
34 AA
35 AA
36 HS: +1 DEX (28), Great Dexterity VI (29)
37 HS: Great Dexterity VII (30)
38 AA: Great Dexterity VIII (31)
39 AA: Epic Prowess
40 WIZ: +1 DEX (32), Great Intelligence II (20)

20 WIZ/15 AA/5 HS
29 AC
270 Max HP
BAB w/longbow: +46/+41/+36
Skills: Concentration (43), Discipline (4), Listen (42), Lore (43), Persuade (11), Search (4), Spellcraft (43), Spot (42), Tumble (40)

With this build, she’ll be a wizard primarily throughout. She’ll struggle early with magic immune mobs, but those should be pretty rare and she’ll have henchmen and summoned to help deal with those. I don’t anticipate getting much further than twelfth level in SoU, so she’ll be a pretty standard wizard with a couple of ranged feats through that. She focuses on arcane archer levels from 13-20. Those levels will mostly be spent in HotU Chapter One. While her spell casting will suffer and she’s still going to be pretty weak with her archery, she’ll have two henchmen and a summoned tiger. I could also do a better familiar than Thamat the bat, I’m sure, but I want to stick somewhat true to her vanilla character. I’ve already made enough tweaks that I’m considering changing her name. While these levels will be kind of slow for her, Chapter One is pretty easy and I have her picking up wizard levels as soon as she reaches epic levels. If I am overlooking something where she can do earlier harper scout levels to pick up an extra attack I’d be really thankful to hear how I can do so. While I want her to be a decent archer and I’ll likely use her as such for most mobs, she will be my first epic level caster and I want her to primarily be a wizard. Thank you to the nwnecbguild.44 for the extra suggestions.