An open letter to NWN players from DM Djinn

Hi everyone, I am DM Djinn. These days I am perhaps a little more like ‘Developer Djinn’ but I am a person who is responsible for a fair amount of hurt in the community. I think that while it may not be possible reach every person who has felt wronged in some way or another by my NWN project, this seems like a pretty good place to start.

I found out a few months ago now that I have severe PTSD. Since my diagnosis, I have been on a journey to reach individuals who had a poor experience on my server and apologize for my previous behavior. I do not consider my condition to be any kind of excuse, but hopefully it can provide some explanation and maybe help people to see me as a sick person who is trying to get better instead of simply a bad person. I am truly sorry in every possible way.

I am extremely grateful to the people who I have interacted with recently for the overflowing support and positivity they have offered in response to me reaching out to them to apologize. I never expected that and I don’t expect it here… but I consider this to be an important part of my recovery, all the same. I have never stopped developing and creating stories in NWN, but I have stopped doubling down on bad decisions.

I hope the new year brings in joy and opportunity for everyone.

With heartfelt intention to be a little better every day,