Android 13

If anyone has got file transfer working, please have a look at this thread.

Can you still put a SD card in your device and move the Neverwinter Nights EE app to the SD card then access the data file that way on Android 13? Because thats the only way for the last couple of years that I’ve been able to access the beamdog data folder to add custom modules in game.

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You can install on SD and use Total commander mové files around.

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Thank you Baiireswolf! I’ve been ejecting the SD card and then moving the files on my old iMac the last few years or recently have put the files from my computer on a usb drive and then use a OTG cable to move the mod and any hak files to my phone.

Interesting… how do you do that? Play Store doesn’t seem to offer that option?

i don’t have a spare SD card to try that out - maybe I’ll get one.

Problem is, even using the raw Files app, the Beamdog /data folder is read-only, and the /user folder appears to be empty (which can’t be true) with no write permission. That being the case, how could I tell nwn to use SD files, given that nwn.ini is in the /user folder?

Now that I give it more thought I may only can use the usb drive with OTG cable to move finished mods to my phone to upload here on vault but moving the NWN EE app to the SD card then ejecting the SD card and using a desktop computer to move a mod file to main game folder definitely works for android 11 and 12.

Google play gave me the option when I downloaded it on my Phone.

Then the first time you use TC to acces nwn folder you have to grant permission.

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We have two solutions, now summarised in the Android 13 section of my Guide:

Use FV File Explorer or MiXplorer Silver. Both of these allow you to copy into data/user on Android 13. You need to give access (it will request) to the base com.nwn… When you tap Android > Data > com.nwn… you will see a button “use this folder” or something to this extent, allow it and boom. No need for debug or using PC or sd card.

I have read that FV File Explorer works, but it doesn’t, on my Samsung Tab, at least.

All the same I’ll add a footnote to the guide.

Okay, try MiXplorer Silver. I know I’m repeating myself but seems important to give permission at the base com folder (as opposed to user or data or hak etc…). I’m on Pixel 6a BTW. I will try to put a video up at some point.

I’ve made a video. Oops it has no sound. Lol. Ugh. Will make it again

Okay. I have found the solution I believe. Please test. The answer is the new 2022 version I believe changes the folder permissions. The solution is to create a new user folder and bam. I found this out after clearing data on NWN and reinstalling for an unrelated issue, I found I could no longer could see or copy into user. I assume that upon updating initially, way back, it kept my user folder from previous version, hence why I was able to copy mods into it. Just a guess. At any rate I could no longer and came to this conclusion that whatever the case the current version of NWN creates a user folder without read or write permissions from outside the app.

Here are the help videos one for beginners and another for people who already understand basic concept of installing a module and folders involved etc short long

Important - watch with video fully expanded otherwise critical stuff cropped out from bottom.

That’s the solution I already documented, as far as I can see?

This is an update, as I ran into the same issue as you after a reinstall. Here is the solution.I took it you were inferring FV Explorer wasn’t working at all …Maybe I’m missing something, unless it’s documented later in the thread … this is the solution to “I can see the contents of com.beamdog.nwnandroid/files/data but not the contents of /user where the mods are held.”… although obviously still won’t be able to get to what’s already there from previously, this will help users install future mods without a PC or root, which is what I thought this was about. Please let me know.

The guide already mentions FV Explorer (along with the Files solution) and the workaround of recreating the folder.

I removed the comment that FV Explorer might not work on all devices.

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Okay great. Previously FV I thought hadn’t even been mentioned. Maybe add the videos can help some people. Cheers