Animal as PC?

Excuse me Please:

my searches on the subjects have been rather fruitless; is there a way to have a .bic file or template to crate whichever class for play that is in all appearances an animal: Badger, Panther, etc. but is still as playable as a Human, Elf, etc??
or maybe convert an already existing PC, human, for example, permanently into a Badger, while retaining all skills, exp, equipment, etc.?
yeah, I realize in reality, a Badger would find drawing a bow string back most difficult, but you know Fantasy.:smiley:

Thank you kindly for the input.

is there also a means of changing the default size of said animals to make then larger in the above PC context?

The simplest way is to script SetCreatureAppearanceType.

One method of making creatures larger is given here.

If you have EE, another method is SetObjectVisualTransform.

You can also polymorph your character, in which case some properties change to be more realistic for the chosen animal. Search for “polymorph” on the Vault for examples.

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thank you for the response and links.
I am beginning to think I may have not expressed myself clearly enough.
I looked for “polymorph” but have not found anything of use or understanding.
maybe a better question to have asked would have been is a tutorial on creating a new player character model, i.e a anthropamorphic cat, or badger, bear, etc. I would think to make for better play as for the skeletal model would make more sense and use of existing movements.

There are already many anthropomorphic animal models in CEP, which you can use to change the PC’s appearance, as already explained.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Those links are a quick illustration - probably better to use CEP because it contains many more appearances.

That type of model has humanoid animations and can usually wield weapons.

They can also equip armour etc but it doesn’t change their appearance.

If you need armour to show up visually, you can use a human model with an animal head, tail and/or wings.

What I’ve said here is only about appearance. If you search the Vault, you’ll find “playable races” which change many other aspects of the PC.

I’m not sure whether you want to mod the OC or make a new module - the latter is easier.

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thank you again for the input.
alas, I have been out-of-touch with NWN modding for quite some time; so statements made that may have been obvious to some may have been lost on me. sorry :frowning:
I will look into the paks listed.
and the options you mention do perk my interest, where, maybe a human or halfling body with different appendages to play in NWN modules may be indeed what I seek.
not so much looking to make a stand-alone module/story, just have a different appearance to usse going through what already exists.