Animal Sib revisited

	Animal Sib (Cleric-based)

An Animal Sib is a brother or sister of the wilderness. Not as powerful as a Druid, he/she cannot call upon the forces of nature to aid her. Instead, he/she must survive by wit and wisdom and the assistance of an Animal companion, a familiar, and other animals that are summoned. Spellcasting is largely defensive and used primarily to heal, protect, and buff-up animal associates. Does not receive the tactical training of a Ranger.
8HP, 4SP*, Med BAB, High Fortitude** & Will Saves
Light Armor, Shield, Simple Weapons, Elf Weapons
Req: Deity, Able Learner as first bonus feat during creation process, Remove
the “Turn Undead” feat

  • Was supposed to be High Reflex but do not know how to fix this.
    ** Missing skill points are provided in Feats.
L1 Ro1 Able Learner, Nature Sense, Elf Weapons
L2 Cl1 Domains: Animal & Magic, Epic Prowess
L3 Wz1 Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll
L4 Ra1 Track, WF:&GrWF:Deity’s Favored Wpn
L5 Cl2 Dinosaur Comp, Natural Bond, Pract Splcstr Clr
L6 Cl3 SF: Conjuration, Augment Summoning
L7 Cl4 Self Sufficient, Alertness
L8 Cl5 Lightning Reflexes, SF: Tumble
L9 Cl6 Evasion, Swift Tracker
L10 Cl7 Luck of Heroes
L11 Cl8 Iron Will
L12 Cl9 Woodland Stride
L13 Cl10 Aura of Courage
L14 Cl11 Stealthy
L15 Cl12
L16 Cl13
L17 Cl14
L18 Cl15
L19 Cl16
L20 Cl17

Class Skills

Bluff, Concentration, Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Search, Spellcraft,
Spot, Survival, Tumble

Uses the first 17 levels of Cleric spellcasting chart for spells per day.
Uses standard Wisdom ability bonuses.

Animal Sib standard spells provided by Domains:

Magic Domain
1 Mage Armor
2 Cat’s Grace
3 Barkskin
4 Heroism
5 Improved Mage Armor
6 Stoneskin
7 Spiderskin
8 Greater Stoneskin
9 Shield


Animal Domain
1 Greater Magic Fang
2 Jagged Tooth
3 Awaken
4 Heal Animal Companion
5 Greater Heroism
6 Rejuvenation Cocoon
7 Tortoise Shell
8 Magic Fang
9 Haste

Cleric Domains for Animal Sib modified in Domains.2da

Magic (Mage Armor 102, Cat’s Grace 13, Barkskin 3, Heroism 857, Improved Mage Armor 858, Stoneskin 172, Spiderskin 860, Greater Stoneskin 74, Shield 417, SummonFamiliar 303)

Animal (Greater Magic Fang 453, Jagged Tooth 1002, Awaken 363, Heal Animal Companion 1030, Greater Heroism 876, Rejuvenation Cocoon 1004, Tortoise Shell 1005, Magic Fang 452, Haste 78, Animal Companion 199)

1 ANIMAL 5611 6278 ID_ANIMAL **** 13 **** 186 **** **** **** **** **** 199 1 1835
1 ANIMAL 5611 6278 ID_ANIMAL 453 1002 363 1030 876 1004 1005 452 78 199 1 1835

13 MAGIC 5623 6286 ID_MAGIC 102 115 862 **** 67 169 **** 541 **** **** 0 1844
13 MAGIC 5623 6286 ID_MAGIC 102 13 3 857 858 172 860 74 417 303 0 1844

This is not intended to increase the clerical spell library as the cleric offensive
spells are NEVER to be used.

Also Modified the HasFamiliar column of Classes.2da from 0 to 1 for Cleric. Have not tried it without yet.

Implementation Notes

Do not consider this to be a multiclassed character. Consider each level to be a level of Animal Sib. To this end certain feats were necessary to maintain the correct balance of skills and BAB. Animal Sib has a Medium BAB.

To correct for the multiclassing BAB penalty, Epic Prowess and Greater Weapon Focus are assigned as mandatory feats.

To correct for the multiclass spellcaster level penalty, Practiced Spellcaster
Cleric is assigned.

A combination of classes - Rogue, Ranger, and Cleric - a used to acquire the
necessary class skills. Able Learner is required to be taken at character creation as the first bonus feat so class skills will be properly available.

To correct for the animal companion leveling up properly, Natural Bond is assigned. Modifying the Clerical Magic Domain to include the Summon Familiar (303) feat and taking a level of Wizard seems to have dealt with the issue of proper leveling of the familiar.

Discounting the Intelligence bonus, the Animal Sib class is supposed to have a total of 92 skill points. Cleric alone would only have 46. By comparison, a rogue would have 184 skill points. The multiclassed Cleric (17) with Rogue (1), Wizard (1), and Ranger (1) only has 74 skill points. So four feats were assigned with Class skills to make up for the missing 18 skill points - Nature Sense, Self Sufficient, Alertness, and Stealthy.

The Animal and Magic Domains were modified to include most of the spells needed by the Animal Sib class. The purpose of these spells is primarily to buff up, protect, and heal the animal companion. To this end, the Cleric offensive spells should not be memorized. This class of Animal Sib Is not a Combat Spellcaster like Wizard.

The one level of Wizard with it’s Level One offensive spells may be used. To make them useful, you would need to take Practiced Spellcaster Wizard as one of the six remaining standard bonus feats (Able Learner is of necessity the first bonus feat).

Animal Sib Class Feats (not counting those in the Domains) are manually assigned (and Turn Undead removed) using the Character Editor after character level up. Bear in mind that this is not actually a Cleric, this is an Animal Sib using clerical mechanisms for spellcasting and Animal Companion. With that in mind, unlike for a Cleric, Charisma will be of limited value.

While taking the level of Wizard, you are given an opportunity to name the Familiar but not to identify it’s type. In order for the Familiar to summon properly, you will need to modify the character outside of the game to assign the type of familiar. Character Editor is great for this but GFF Editor can also be used if you know the creature code (FamiliarID=). Afterwards, the familiar will both appear and level up as you progress as Cleric.

Animal Sib is not a specialized melee, ranged, or spellcaster combat class. Instead it specializes in creature combat. The Deinonychus, while awkward to work with indoors, is a superlative warrior beast. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you. Send him/her into combat with Awaken, Mage Armor, Barkskin, and Stoneskin with an Augmented Summoned Bear to support him/her, and provide healing when injuries occur. Perhaps giving additional support with a ranged weapon.

Proficiencies for Animal Sib are in Light Armor, Shield, Simple Weapons, and Elf Weapons. Despite the proficiencies provided by the Cleric and Ranger levels, other equipment should not be used.

The Elf Weapons feat is compliments of the ASA (Animal Sib Academy) maintained and run by the Wood Elves of Neverwinter Wood.

  • Domain Spell list corrected to remove duplicated spells. 4/10/2019

Spell List for Animal Sib

School Level Scroll/Spell
C 0 Cure Minor Wounds
V 0 Light
A 0 Resistance
T 0 Virtue
E 1 Bless
A 1 Conviction
C 1 Cure Light Wounds
V 1 Divine Favor
A 1 Endure Elements
A 1 Entropic Shield
T 1 Greater Magic Fang
C 1 Lesser Vigor
C 1 Mage Armor
A 1 Nightshield
A 1 Protection from Alignment
A 1 Remove Fear
A 1 Sanctuary
A 1 Shield of Faith
C 1 Summon Creature I
E 2 Aid
T 2 Animalistic Power
T 2 Bear’s Endurance
T 2 Bull’s Strength
A 2 Cat’s Grace
C 2 Cure Moderate Wounds
V 2 Darkness
T 2 Eagle’s Splendor
D 2 Find Traps
T 2 Fox’s Cunning
T 2 Jagged Tooth
C 2 Lesser Restoration
T 2 Owl’s Wisdom
C 2 Remove Paralysis
A 2 Resist Energy
D 2 See Invisibility
A 2 Shield Other
C 2 Stabilize
C 2 Summon Creature II
T 3 Awaken
T 3 Barkskin
T 3 Blindsight
C 3 Cure Serious Wounds
I 3 Invisibility Sphere
T 3 Lesser Visage of the Deity
A 3 Magic Circle Against Alignment
T 3 Magic Vestment
E 3 Mass Aid
C 3 Mass Lesser Vigor
C 3 Prayer
A 3 Protection from Energy
D 3 Remove Blindness/Deafness
A 3 Remove Curse
C 3 Remove Disease
C 3 Summon Creature III
C 3 Vigor
C 4 Cure Critical Wounds
N 4 Death Ward
V 4 Divine Power
A 4 Freedom of Movement
A 4 Greater Resistance
T 4 Heal Animal Companion
E 4 Heroism
C 4 Neutralize Poison
C 4 Recitation
C 4 Restoration
C 4 Summon Creature IV
C 5 Greater Heroism
C 5 Improved Mage Armor
C 5 Mass Cure Light Wounds
C 5 Raise Dead
T 5 Righteous Might
A 5 Spell Resistance
C 5 Summon Creature V
D 5 True Seeing
E 6 Rejuvenation Cocoon
A 6 Energy Immunity
C 6 Heal
T 6 Mass Bear’s Endurance
T 6 Mass Bull’s Strength
C 6 Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
T 6 Mass Eagle’s Splendor
T 6 Mass Owl’s Wisdom
C 6 Planar Ally
T 6 Stone Body
A 6 Stoneskin
C 6 Summon Creature VI
A 6 Superior Resistance
C 6 Vigorous Cycle
T 7 Aura of Vitality
T 7 Ethereal Jaunt
C 7 Greater Restoration
C 7 Mass Cure Serious Wounds
C 7 Regenerate
C 7 Resurrection
A 7 Spiderskin
C 7 Summon Creature VII
T 7 Tortoise Shell
A 8 Aura versus Alignment
T 8 Greater Stoneskin
T 8 Magic Fang
C 8 Mass Cure Critical Wounds
N 8 Mass Death Ward
C 8 Summon Creature VIII
T 9 Etherealness
T 9 Greater Visage of the Deity
T 9 Haste
C 9 Mass Heal
A 9 Shield
C 9 Summon Creature IX
A 9 Undeath’s Eternal Foe

Spells which cannot currently be assigned

School Level Scroll/Spell
T 1 Camouflage
D 1 Identify
I 2 Invisibility
A 2 Protection from Arrows
D 3 Clairaudience / Clairvoyance
V 3 Invisibility Purge
I 4 Displacement
I 4 Greater Invisibility
A 5 Lesser Mind Blank
T 5 Owl’s Insight
T 6 Mass Cat’s Grace
T 6 Mass Fox’s Cunning
T 7 Stone to Flesh
A 8 Mind Blank
T 9 Nature’s Avatar