Animated asteroids - bash/attack from all sides

I’m using animated asteroids (they are stock placeables) in an area. I’d like them to be destroyable by casting a spell on them. Everything works, but in order to cast a spell on them you have to have the character who casts the spell under/beneath the asteroid. Is there some way that you change the game/module so that you could cast a spell on the asteroid from the side instead, if you let’s say are on a cliff and the asteroid is hovering in front of you. Could you do a script to be able to do that, or edit some other stuff on the asteroid’s properties, or is this maybe totally impossible? Just asking if someone here knows.

Is this a touch spell? Why not make it short range?

I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying here rjshae. The spell that one is supposed to use against the asteroids is Shocking Grasp (or any kind of spell that deals electrical damage).

It might have something to do with the placeable having it’s “footprint” on the ground.

Could you give a flying creature like a Pixie the appearance of the asteroid because you can shoot them out of the air ? Or does it have to be a spell ? Would using a bow with electric arrows enable you to destroy it from a distance ?

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You could be right about that.

I guess I could try the pixie thing but I doubt it would work. This is a placeable and a Pixie is a creature. I think the animation of a turning rock would look weird if it was instead moving up and down like a pixie instead.

Yes, NWN2 doesn’t have a concept of height. Shocking grasp is a touch spell, so the attacker needs to be able to touch the walkmesh contact radius.


Hmmm, ok. So that’s why it behaves like that. Maybe you can throw a spell at the rocks then if it’s not a touch spell. I’ll see if I can work my way around that.

I managed to solve thanks to that information about it being a touch spell. It works now. Thank you @rjshae and @Tsongo for helping out!

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