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Aight, I’m making a custom statue (NPC w/ stoneskin fx applied) and I want a still animation. I believe the best one is the one that holds the weapon up (shown when you reforge the blade of gith & when khelgar gets the ironfist hammer.). Yet a problem ensues. I can’t find the said animation’s number. Seriously I’ve looked everywhere. Can someone help? Do you happen to know the animation’s number? If so, then please reply.

I used the toolset stock animation visualizer, and it could be the beginning of the power attack animation you’re looking for (*_1hS_powerattack.gr2).

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@4760 You sure? I always believed it was its own separate thing. It appears to be a fireforget animation that keeps your char still enough to look like a statue.

No, I’m not sure, but I’m certain NWN2 doesn’t use numbers for the animations (except when several are possible for the same action, like attack01, 02, 03 etc…)
Do you need the statue to have the head of the NPC? If not, there are some placeables that could be used I believe (not sure where I got them though, and I’m not at home so I can’t verify, sorry).

When you click on the notes tab (bottom by def) in the toolset you get this int ANIMATION_LOOPING_WORSHIP =3;
and instead of writing the whole thing you write only the number e.t.c.
ActionPlayAnimation(3, 1.0, 6.0).
I am trying to find the said info because I want to create an NPC with it’s axe pointing forward (see Khelgar hammer of ironfist scene where he points the hammer upwards) and with the stoneskin fx added to it so it looks like aa statue. That which I can’t do cause of the animation.

Ah, I get it. I don’t use ActionPlayAnimation as:

  • all available animations don’t have their integer equivalent (for instance, you won’t see ANIMATION_LOOPING_LIFTSWORD, which is probably what you’re looking for. Maybe ANIMATION_LOOPING_POINT would work, but again it’s not a defined constant…)
  • it’s an action, which means it doesn’t fire immediately but is just added to the actions queue.

You could try then PlayCustomAnimation(oObject, "*liftswordloop", 1, 1.0); or also check if "*point" (for the animation string) is more what you’re expecting.

THANK YOU, KIND PERSON. I still have a question though. How do you find these animations? Is there some sort of list that I am unaware of or something like that?
Thanks again!!!

Yep: PlayCustomAnimation: List of animations | NWN2Wiki | Fandom


THANKS!!! I am at peace at last. I must thank you for your wisdom. All of you.