Animation retargetting in Blender

I got animation retargetting working in Blender. Here, two examples of Mixamo animations ( retargeted to P_HHF_skel.

I use the animation retargetting technique explained in this video:

I have setup a Blender file (for version 2.79) that makes very easy to retarget a Mixamo animation to the skeleton P_HHF_skel:

If someone wants to try the Blender file, I’ll provide instructions.



Wow this is really great news Freshlook!

So… in theory one might be able to take a NWN animated mesh, attach an empty to each mesh, create an equivalent NWN2 skeleton, attach empties to those bones, then constrain the skeleton empties to match the translation of the NWN meshes. That should, I think, cause the NWN animation to animate the NWN2 skeleton.

Can one export the result to a Granny file though?

If you create an equivalent NWN2 skeleton, I think you could constrain it directly to the NWN meshes, without using intermediate empties. I don’t know the details about NWN meshes, so I’m not sure. If you have a Blender file with the NWN animated meshes and the equivalent NWN2 skeleton, I could take a look.

And yes, you can export the result to GR2. Even if the skeleton is animated only because of constraints, when you export to FBX, the animation is baked for the skeleton.

Given the NWN creature meshes and a matching NWN2 skeleton, there’s probably some way to script the whole procedure in python.

Hello there!
i just want change default animation
How import and export animation ( in blender )
and export animation in nwn2

Please advise me what to do?
(Any tutorial or advice?)

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.:slightly_smiling_face: