Animations in-cutscene

Trying to get more animated (sorry) with my cutscenes. I’m finding it to be very hit-and-miss with getting NPCs to do the animation I have selected for them in the conversation node options. Let’s take KNEELFIDGET as an example. I have selected this animation for the speaker, everything is setup correctly - but the NPC just won’t do it. Same issue with other animations whilst some animations, e.g WAVE work just fine.

I could just write a script to get what I want, and have done previously. But is there a quicker and more reliable way to get animations working with the stock resources?

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The KNEELFIDGET is one that appears to require code outside of the normal conversation method and so requires a function …


Use that in the ACTION section of the node with the animation you require.

See my blog post here … (Bottom of the linked page.) It lists all the animations requirements there, as to which work from the conversation setting (some are intermittent) or require the extra function method.

EDIT, OK, I did a search and found the post also discussed here …


Good that you provided a list in that other thread @Lance_Botelle . I think I’ll copy that and have it if I need to know this at some other time.

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No problem … That list will remain in my blog post as well, for as long as it is around. (In case the Vault one ever disappears.)

Lance, you are a legend. Thank you. I’ll book mark these :slight_smile:

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Works a treat now!