[ANNOUNCEMENT] Project Qv3 FULL Now Available!

On the Vault at https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwnee/hakpak/combined/project-q-enhanced-edition

On Steam Workshop at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849297485

Have fun!

Report any bugs to the Discord channel for Q.

Please note, I’ll be taking a break from Q during the Fall semester. Any bugs I missed will be addressed over January break.



It’s a little confusing though :slight_smile: It looks like you posted 3.0 on the old page, where the link points. But that page just says these are old Q archives - go to the new page. But that only has the shield override. But that page talks about current stable release (in a dark font which I can’t read anyway…) which is only on the old page.

I’m fixing things now - splitting Project Q EE from the 1.69 Ed. meant migrating to a new project. It takes time. I’ve also got to get Fester Pot to change where the PQ logo on the Vault main page points.

Because of the way Steam workshop is, I’ve had to split Q into component downloads as I can’t upload any of the documentation, ERF files, and scripttemplates to Steam.:

  • qv3_core
  • qv3_docs
  • qv3_erf
  • qv3_modules
  • qv3_scripttemplates

I also plan to upload more overrides between now and X-Mas.

The New Project Q Enhanced Edition Project page is up - link in the Top Post

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