Announcing Project Q v3.0 for NWN:EE

After working with Q for the past two days I’ve found a lot of little issues that need to be addressed. Thus, with Meaglyn’s blessing, I’ve decided to retake control of the project.

  1. From this point forward, I will be the sole author of the project. At this time, Q is not accepting new submissions for content until I have resolved the issues that are currently present.

  2. I have switched over to NWN:EE as my platform and thus all future updates to Q will be in accordance with this platform.

  3. The Q_Updater is KAPUT. I’m not dealing with it. Future Q releases will be as FULL packages containing all Q assets.

  4. The first order of business for Q is to restore the modularity to the core HAKs so that users desiring to use only certain elements of Q will be able to do so.

  5. As I am actively working on a module, I will be fixing issues as I find them. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY GAME BREAKING ISSUES WITH PROJECT Q, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  6. When Qv3.0 is released it will also include an optional “light-weight” version - currently available as a separate release on the Vault. Q-Lite uses only the core creatures, placeables, portraits, sounds, tilesets, and vfxgui. It does NOT use any of the optional HAKs. The package includes its own tophak.

  7. There is NO time-frame for this release. Qv3.0 will be released to the Community when its ready.


Project Q Grand Pooba



I didn’t believe it for a second :wink:

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I’m available to help with testing. I still use Q for all of my projects.

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Q has a Discord channel…

Yeah that didn’t last long.