Another sound issue

Since I’m using a simpler version of 4760’s Horse Riding in the module I’m currently working on, I thought it would have been cool if there were hoof (is that the right word?) sounds from the horses when they walk. I thought that maybe one could use Lance’s model of using the Get2DAString and then maybe change the walking sounds.

I found the 2da file footstepsounds.2da which appears to control which sounds are used. If I could find samples and edit this 2da file this might be possible.

However, I don’t know how I could tell the game to switch these sounds. I was checking an NWN1 demo module where they just used the handy function SetFootstepSound or something like that in a trigger. That function doesn’t appear to exist in NWN2 though.

I wonder if this is doable…

Dark on Discord gave me an idea on Discord of changing a line in the appearance of the PC. Since all the horse riders have a new appearance there anyway, I’ll just change the number for the footsteptype when I’ve found some samples for hooves.

This seemed like such an easy fix since all the riders have a new appearance anyway. I changed the footsteptype in the appearance.2da. First I tried with 4 and then 5. Both are hoof sounds. Weird thing is, in game I don’t hear a thing. Normal footstep sounds are pretty quiet too, when the PC is a normal human, but you can still hear those sounds, at least in the area before going to the area with the horses. When changing to 4 or 5 I hear nothing when the PC has the horse appearance.

EDIT: Did some more testing. When changing the footsteptype on human to 4 or 5 I could clearly hear the sounds, but when changing on the horse appearances you hear nothing. Must be something off with the lines in the 2da, I’m starting to think.

I’m pretty sure that the footstep sounds are different for different surfaces, there might be a louder one or the area with the horses is softer terrain so you can’t hear it as well.

You could see if you can get one from another game with horses or from a download like this… Free Hooves Sound Effects MP3 Download and wav it.

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No, that can’t be it because I tested in the same area with the horse appearance. With the human you hear the steps but not with the horse appearance. It’s quite odd.

If I get it to work, I’ll check your link tho the hooves sound effects.

@4760 mentioned it might be some typo in the 2da file, but I can’t find anything that looks off to me.

appearance.2da (1.3 MB)

EDIT: It seems to have something to do with the new skeleton file from 4760 in some way. I don’t know…but when changing, for testing purposes, the horse riding appearance to the normal P_HH?_Skel the sound worked again. But I need the P_HR?_Skel for it to look good ingame.

I seem to have solved it now.

Dark on Discord helped me out. I had to open the Animation Viewer in the toolset, choose the horse riding appearance (Cavailer humain), then New Animation Event File, and then go through the different stances, mainly UNA, 1HS and 1HSS (I only did those three, not sure if the others are required) and pick Walkforward and Runforward and place Footstep on the Animation Time.
I first did this with Male and the Female. The XML files I saved in my Campaign folder.

If I need this to work for other races than humans, half-elves and elves (those that don’t use the human skeleton) I need to go back and fix this by going through the other stances too. At the moment 4760’s Alpha version of the horse riding doesn’t support dwarves or half-orcs fully. When that it is fixed, I’ll go back and do the rest of this.

EDIT: I also went to @Tsongo 's link for the hoof sounds. Edited one of the soundfiles (chopped it up in shorter sounds) I downloaded from that site in Cubase and then edited the footstepsounds.2da. So now, finally, everything sounds good ingame also. As I didn’t have particular hoof sounds for walking through grass and water, I had to make do with just 4 different sounds. This is such a minor thing, and I don’t have that many scenes where the party is riding, so it will have to do with not having particular sounds for splashing through water.

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