Anti-wobbly head mod...please

I don’t know how to do this myself but is there a mod or basic script command that stops the characters from seeming top have Parkinson’s disease or wobbly heads, it’s like they are constantly fidgeting and it’s ludicrous.

Wobbly heads and tremors are not normal.

The default animations keep a humanoid fairly still (bar breathing) with an occasional scratch. When a PC passes nearby, there is a head turn.

I have seen wobbly heads (and other body parts) as a consequence of mods - perhaps you have some?

I’m aware of two cases - there may be others.

  1. When a mod customises the appearance of a parts-based creature after spawning (for example, changing the head) the engine doesn’t always cope very well - problem solved by using the JSON method
  2. IIRC the Beamdog HD art pack had issues - not sure whether they are solved by the community fixes
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The wobbly head sounds like your npc is playing the talking animation. Might want to check and make sure they aren’t looping talk somehow…

I’d still like it disabled altogether!

The Art packs huge issue is the head & face corruption/mixups that don’t play nice with homebrew modules.