Any advice for total noobs on OBJ to MDB?

Hi community,
I downloaded Axinos’s command line utility to convert some obj files I have to MDB files.

I created a directory in mydocuments where I placed the mdb-importexport-tools and the obj and texture file. I ran the utility and nothing happened. I admit I don’t know how command line tools work but I remember that they involve putting files in directories where scripts run. Axinos makes it clear this tool isn’t for noobs. I guess I am proving their point :rofl:

I am only interested in bringing in this obj files as visual effects (game model) so I don’t think I need any support on rigging/vertices all that other complicated madness. Can anyone instruct me on how to do a simple OBJ to MDB conversion? I just want this model in my game as a visual effect - not a placeable or creature or anything that would require collision rigging and all that other fun stuff.


I ran it in a Command shell by dragging and dropping the command obj2mdb.exe, followed by the space, then drag-and-drop the Obj file. It appeared to run because it generated errors.

Personally I use Blender with a plugin. But that requires learning to use Blender for 3D modelling.

That worked! Oh wow! This is amazing. Thank you for your help.

Since it’s a command tool, you’ll need to run it from a MS-DOS like window: in the “search” box, type cmd (or cmd.exe)
The text files included in the download will give you more information on what to do from there.

Glad to hear it. The default scale for an OBJ file usually ends up around 50x what you’d normally want. I usually have to scale it down. That might be an issue if you’re using it for an f/x.