Any custom voiceover recommendations for the PC?

I’m getting a bit bored of the default voicesets, despite having unlocked all the NPC voices as override already. I like how they portray different (if extreme) personalities, but still, after a while they all sound kind of alike, overdramatic, same tone of voice etc.

I’ve already searched the Vault for new and interesting voices in the past and maybe also made threads about it, so I don’t have very high hopes, but has anyone ever made a list of the best custom voicesets or something like that? Any good recommendations? Or does everyone but me just content themselves with the default voices? :slight_smile:

I’m always searching for new voicesets (even though I work with NWN2) and when creating a module it can be quite frustrating to find new good ones. I guess you could try

I’ve used the Grace voiceset from Planescape Torment in my module. I like her voice (even though I had to edit the sounds by compressing and eq:ing the crap out of it in my music program (DAW)):

I’ve also used voices from Icewind Dale:

I’ve also used Mazzy and Nalia in my yet to be released module from Baldur’s Gate or if it was from Icewind Dale.

I’ve even gone so far and sampled voices from SWTOR by looking at let’s play videos, and noting when they say useful stuff like “Ok”, “Let’s go”, “Let’s get moving”, “Yes” and stuff like that, and then sampled those parts (though you have to make sure that there’s no background music when the lines are spoken).

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