Any Feywild Stuff Out There?

Warm winds and hello! Does anyone know of any feywild custom content out there in the NWN multiverse, or anything inspired/related to the Feywild, i.e., tilesets, critters, placeables, skyboxes, etc? My initial searches have come up empty.


Question what is Feywild?


The Feywild is the plane of the faerie, the Fey Realm if you will. Here’s an FR 5e description of it, but it certainly predates 5e: The Feywild

In that case… AFAIK, apart from creatures, I am not aware of anything that would fit the bill. Consider putting it forward as a suggestion for a future CCC.


There is a remodeled fairy and some mushroom houses in this CCC

Thanks, @Stonehammer . That’s more along the lines of Candyland/Shrek stuff. However, it did lead me to revisit CCC Feb 2013:Plants, which not only has some fantastical feywild mushrooms, but even a new Dryad model, which is more in line with the feyrealm.

In the meanwhile, I’ll try to pose it as a CC idea for one of the upcoming months.