Any fog disable mod?

Hello. I don’t know is this really possible or not, but anyway, I want to say, how to disable the fog or make the color of it black? Currently, it’s gray.

Is there any mod for disabling it? Thanks!

Well you can make your own:

For example, put the compiled script in override then dm runscript in DebugMode.

There is no easy override solution, as far as I know, which is why I rarely use skyboxes. No skybox and the foggy distance effect blend very nicely.

If you’re playing Nwn Diamond then Nwshader has a disable fog function.

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Ah, never mind. It was that thing I could never get to work back when. Hoped it was some .ini file or something.

You can disable the fog by typing ##mainscene.fog 0 in chat (or mainscene.fog 0 in console).
You can change the color with ##mainscene.fogcolor 1.0 0.0 0.0 (to set to red). Type mainscene.fog in the console and press tab for other options.

This works without debug mode, and works in multiplayer.

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Thanks, man! I´m guessing there’s no way to make that persistent, via ini or something?

This will work properly only if a skybox is set, though. Otherwise ugly fog clipping plane will be placed at ##mainscene.fogend (which cannot be altered in the runtime - only via area properties). But then we have SetSkyBox

You can bind it to a text macro.