Any good mods that can help with the following...?

hello i recently bought NWN enhanced edition…and have since tried to mod my game to add to my game experiance…so far ive managed to get the greater dragonshape mod and one of the spell icon recolor mods to work,as well as got the NIT mod installer tool to help me correctly install mods…but im still looking for mods that can help with the following.

  1. mods that add apon the wildshape abilities of druids and shifters,either by granting new forms or by adding to existing ones

2.a mod that lets me cast spells as a druid even while wildshaped

2.mods that add to the Dragon Disciple prestige class,preferably that give me the option of taking other dragon types besides red (especially metalic dragons)

3.mods that add more playable races,preferably usable for the base campaign/modules as i lack the know how or ability to make my own custom modules…i especially desire one that will let me play as a dragonborn or warforged as those are my favorite races

if anyone can point me in the right direction or recommend anything that can help me with any or all of these that would be most appreciated…or if there is something extra i need to do to get such mods to work that would be great to as im still fairly ignorant to modding NWN
thank you.

I’m not sure that this answers the question, but PRC offers a lot of custom classes etc. I don’t know much about it myself, but it is well-established.

@Stratovarius recently commented on the Beamdog forum:

The Player Resource Consortium (PRC) does everything you’re asking and a lot more. And everything we add to the game is official Dungeons and Dragons content from Wizards of the Coast.

It’s a very large and occasionally complex beast, so if you need help, feel free to drop by and ask for advice. Same goes for you, Proleric, if you want :slight_smile:

thanks for the hot tip… question though…is the PRC like a seperate mod installer? (like the NIT) or do i install the PRC itself into my game?

thanks for the discord link il definately be taking a look

Install instructions are on the vault page, as well as a pinned video in the #install-help discord channel. Basically, it needs to be put in the right folders of NWN, and then added to a module or modules. We provide preconverted modules for the official campaigns as well as a number of others, however

@Stratovarius I provided the link for PRC 4.1.4 because 4.1.5 says “Alpha” but I just noticed that the newer release has been around for a while, so is that the recommended one now?

@Dragonlord_Daegen concerning the “right folders of NWN”, you may find my general-purpose guide helpful.

@Proleric They both get updated fairly frequently - the most recent stable release was last week (4.1.4), the alpha is basically our version of “nightlies”, i.e. all the code we’ve done since the latest stable. Generally it’s fine to use it, but it can get updated multiple times a day if a couple of us are working, so it’s not really recommended for longer modules. The normal release page is where I would direct anyone not interested in testing and constant updates.

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