Any idea what is this file for?

I’m modifying some UI elements and there is a file named “chargen_complexx2.xm”. Files named chargen_something2.xml are responsible for generation of UI on character creation - races, classes, feats etc. However for this one particular file it seems that it isn’t used anywhere during character creation. Any idea what for it is or if it is used somewhere?

It was supposed to be used for the “complex” background feat: from the list “bully”, “devout”, “farmer” etc… “complex” would grant the PC a “Free Skill Focus (any) feat (+3 bonus on checks for chosen skill)”.
It was not implemented in game though.


Good to know. Care to tell how do you know this? :wink:

Well, the “complex” feat is in feat.2da, with a value from dialog.tlk describing its purpose: all I had to do was to read the description :wink:
It’s true also I re-activated it, and when I found the UI was not working I tried to modify it, but the problem I couldn’t solve was that the number of feats was not accessible (since the character was not created yet).

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The short answer to this is: Because 4760 is awesome! :wink: (Actually, he really is :slight_smile: )

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You make me blush!
Thanks for your kindness andgalf.