Any ideas for a new adventure?

This always happens.

How about a progressive battle? At each stage you get a group troops/cannon fodder/henchmen (some randomization) and you have to assault an enemy position. XP for killing enemy, and bonus for the number of friendlies that survive.

  • A Quartermaster will spawn on the objective once all enemy forces are destroyed. He will provide PC with merchant support.
  • Have a % chance for the enemy to counter attack.
  • If you leave too few surviving friendly troops behind and the enemy retakes a position you can’t get more supplies until you deal with them.
  • Limit benefit of big damage AOE spells by having most treasure in containers subject to DC check for being ruined.
  • Spawn troops and enemies based on currently PC class/level (A fighter gets bowmen or spell casters to back him up, a mage gets melee fighters, etc.)
  • If you use traps, spawn a few friendly rogues, etc.

Messengers may deliver a change in orders to attack a different objective than your optimal plan would dictate.

Rinse and repeat until final obj.

Does not require you to write a lot of dialog or a complex journal.
H&S but you can vary the objectives to create a variety of tactical scenarios from open field battles to house-to-house fights.

tl;dr - Basically recreates a medium scale wargame in the NWN2 engine.

I’ve seen your scripting, I’m pretty sure you can do all of those things.

Hope that helps.

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Running 2 modern sandbox campaigns currently (Star Wars and a Saronite Empire Outer planes theme), and use a lot of RJS and Cygni stuff, and it’s great (lasers, light sabers, modern weapons, the works). I also run several Arcanum style steampunk campaigns, which is a little easier, and I find there are plenty of prefabs online that fit these worlds perfectly. I think there is a lot of interest in this, but only a few people who make, or know how to create the items (I rig my own and just tweak the stuff those guys make). You could almost take the existing stuff, with permission, and make a pretty good modern yarn (just look at RJS new mod clothing post, and add it with the KOTOR clothing mod and wallah!). Would love to see it Werelynx!


Maybe you could set up a real survival mod with a food and thirst-system. Open world, no end, only goal: to survive as many days as possible. Looking at what you did so far I think you could definitely carry that off!

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At least you tried the Sean Maxhell Town Simulator | The Neverwinter Vault?