Any Mod Creators maybe can weigh in on this

After the most recent patch update, some of my prior installed User created Modules, no longer show the Module Descriptions anymore in my Mod list. They were there before the update now about 1/2 of the Mods have a blank Mod description. Is anyone else experiencing this, and does anyone know, if there is anything I can do as a user to maybe re-enable the Mod descriptions on the ones that are no longer viewable after patch ?

thanks !!

I just checked on mine and see the same kind of problem. Some custom Mods still show descriptions while others do not.

Interestingly, NIT still shows the description for Mods that have a blank description in EE.

I presume this is a bug and should probably be reported to Beamdog.

sounds good…glad its not just me. doesnt sound like anything we can do on the user end then. rather beamdog would have to address.